TCL – Rock/Pop

The Trinity College London (TCL) Rock & Pop Examinations is aimed at the student who prefers Rock and Pop music rather than Classical music.   Our students who take this exam have indicated that they do not wish to continue with learning classical music,  but because they do not want to extinguish their love for music, prefer to continue their love for music on a different path – ie. in the area of Rock and Pop music.

TCL’s choice of music focuses more on songs on the UK charts as a whole. So you will tend to have more songs from David Bowie, George Michael, etc. TCL Rock Pop focuses on the delivery of the heavily syncopated pieces, which can really be challenging if the student is more ‘classical’ oriented, but a joy for students who are into ‘groovy’ vibes!

The syllabus has 3 pieces and either a sight reading or an improvisation test.  The improvisation test is challenging but very fun! (Reggae, Blues, Rock, Disco, Funk, etc.). TCL Rock Pop does not have technical work like Scales and Arpeggios. The main focus is on the songs and the Improvisation element or sight reading.

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