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Changes to ABRSM Syllabus (2021 onwards) – One Giant Leap.

ABRSM has introduced many new changes to its syllabus from 2021 onwards - from greater choices in pieces, to the introduction of performance grades, exciting times indeed!

How do online piano lessons work?

Online piano lessons work well if you can fulfill the following conditions as much as you can. While not everyone will have access to a dedicated USB HD stereo webcam, or a soundproof room, there are many things you can do to help make the conditions as good as possible.

Can you mix different styles of music together?

The beauty of music goes beyond learning just 'classical', or 'pop', or 'jazz' for that matter. Every genre of music has its own beautiful characteristics, and the even more wonderful thing is that you can COMBINE these beautiful characteristics together by fusing different musical styles! But first, you must be open enough to try!

What we offer

Our Northwood Modern Piano Method combines the best in traditional music notation with our latest improvisational and creative concepts that truly enable you to develop authentic musicianship.

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