Rockschool – Pop/Rock

The Rockschool piano exam is quite similiar to the TCL Rock and Pop exam in that it caters to students who prefer a more modern and contemporary approach to music certification, rather than taking a traditional classical piano exam.

Students on this route prefer to use a backing track, play songs from Diana Krall, Beyonce and Bruno Mars and still learn different scales and technical work.  The Rockshool syllabus has technical work like Scales whereas the TCL syllabus does not.  Also, Rockschool’s choice of music is spread out between UK and US pop charts, whereas TCL is more focused on the UK charts.

The Rockschool Exam Board has a comprehensive site that you can refer to for more details. Head over here.

Once again, you can go over to our blog to read a more detailed comparison between the different music examination boards to have a better idea.