Numerous studies have shown time and time again that consistent music exposure is highly beneficial for young children’s holistic (left and right brain) development. At Northwood, we offer an exciting array of music programmes for pre-school children at their premises such as ‘Kinder Beat!’, ‘Music Kidz!’, and ourĀ  very own Integrated Music, Speech and Drama, ‘ I Am A Young Star!’ Programme!


Highlights include:

  • Music and Movement
  • Rhythm Training and Dance
  • Songs, rhymes and solfege
  • Percussion playing
  • Keyboard playing and keyboard games
  • Dramatisation and self-awareness
  • Voice and Speech Work
  • Role-Play & Story Telling

Children are very instinctive and spontaneous by nature and we want to give them the opportunity to use the arts to give them a headstart and to encourage their confidence and creativity!

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