Honours Programme

The Honours Programme is specially designed for students who have have achieved a very high level of piano competence in terms of not just playing exam pieces, but who have displayed an innate interest to create new music and to improvise. Students with these abilities tend to display the following characteristics:

-they have completed the traditional graded exams at a higher level but wish very much to explore other genres of music besides Classical.
-they like to play and improvise music on the whole.
-They may have participated in a music band, ensemble, etc. and  like the idea of modern ensemble performance.
-They are not shy performing in front of others, record their performances on youtube,  play on a stage and so on. In fact, they derive energy and excitement from performing.
-They are very open to learning new things like music arrangement, songwriting, digital music, jazz, etc.

In the Honours Programme, students are nurtured to develop and push to the highest degree of competence, creativity and improvisation in the following:

-Technique and Interpretation of Music
-Improvisation Techniques
-Digital Music Technology
-Music Arrangement in classical and modern contexts
-Public Performance Opportunities
-Curated Performances/Competitions

Students in the Honours Programme are personally mentored and taught by the Principal Director.  Contact us to enquire more.