Online Piano Lessons

Northwood online piano lessons

Welcome to our online piano lesson area. Online piano lessons are a great way for people who may reside further away, or may be inconvenienced to travel for one reason or another, or maybe you reside halfway round the globe but wish to learn from us!

Online lessons give you the flexibility to have your piano lesson at the comfort of your home, yet with the close and interactive guidance of the teacher.

We use mostly Skype to conduct our online lessons.  Skype is end-to-end secure and it is free to use.  We also use a HD pro Web Camera with stereo microphone on our end to maintain the highest video and audio quality so that you can see our hands on the piano keys as clearly as possible.

What’s needed from you:
-A good quality internet connection
-A laptop with decent in-built video camera.    For the best video results, A separate, dedicated USB video camera (eg. those from Logitech) would be ideal.
-Skype software (free of charge to download).

What does it take to have a good online piano lesson?

Check out our tips on how to experience a successful online piano lesson at our ‘Media/Blog’ page.

Contact us for more details if you are interested in our online piano lessons!