Junior Piano

Junior Piano

If your young child has shown interest in music and you see the golden opportunity for him or her to start on a musical education, you can embark on our exciting and structured Junior Piano programme. This piano for young children programme is divided into the following:

Age 5-6: Pre-school Piano Programme – great for young children starting out in music

Age 7-12: Junior Piano Programme – suitable for primary school children starting out or continuing their music lessons

At Northwood, we aim to bring music learning to an exciting and interactive level where technical foundation is balanced with fun and engaging segments!

Curriculum highlights include:

  • Level 1:  Basic 5 finger position/Rhythm Training/Aural Awareness /Basic music theory/Solfege awareness
  • Level 2: Right hand with Left hand Co-ordination/Basic 5-finger scalic patterns/Basic Chord I-V7 sound palette
  • Level 3: 8th-note patterns/Left hand full scales/3-note patterns/playing in different keys
  • Level 4:  2-note chord patterns/playing in different key-signatures/minor chord shapes/full scale separate hands
  • Level 5 : Full scale both hands/Chord Concepts/Intermediate Sight Reading
  • Level 6: Two octave scales /Higher note densities/Introduction of Harmonic minors and Different Keys
  • Level 7:  Introduction to Blues Improvisation/Introduction to Latin Music/Repertoire Expansion/Intermediate Sight Reading and Aural Training

Lesson highlights:

  • Basic music theory with stickers and visual aids
  • Music flashcards and games
  • Body rhythm response exercises (Dalcroze Eurthythmics Method) and basic percussion playing
  • Music backing tracks and band

We are happy to offer a brief assessment with your child should you want to, just drop us a line and we can arrange for it.

If you are interested to have your child take up our graded piano syllabus, you have a choice of different varieties of piano styles.

Click here for Classical piano.

Click here for Modern piano.

Click here for Jazz piano.

Click here for Rock/pop piano.