Pop Piano

Our Pop Piano Programme programme caters to absolute beginners, all the way to Advanced levels.  Maybe you have learnt piano in the past but regretted that you didn’t follow up on it, or you feel limited in your piano playing, or you just want to explore the world beyond playing and relying on piano scores. To play outside of piano scores, beyond the written notes, is something that can be taught in a coherent and structured manner, and we are here to help you in this area.

Curriculum Highlights:

Beginner level:

foundations in technique, sight-reading, ear-training and modern chord systems, beginner-song repertoire

Intermediate level:

modern chord progressions, dominants, minors, left hand patterns and variations, right hand harmonic variations, improvisational intros and endings, ballads, fast-tempos, R&B genres, playing-by-ear techniques, pianistic touch and dynamics, performance exposure

Advanced level:

advanced chord progressions, advanced ear-training, transcriptions, stylistic variations, advanced embellishments, Rock Piano, Boogie Piano, New Orleans Piano, Blues Piano, Latin  Piano, Smooth Jazz Piano, New Age Piano, Artiste transcriptions, Performance exposure/Recording.