Music Technology

Want to learn to use computers to make music but finding it difficult to understand due to the technical jargon? This programme helps the ultimate beginner learn how to make music using either your PC or Mac in an easy to understand manner.  No unnecessary technical jargon/theory to bring you to boredom,  we use simple language and easy illustrations to help you overcome the nerdy stuff!

Highlights include:

  • Basic Digital Music setups in either Mac or PC environments
  • Connecting all your gear in a clean and efficient setup
  • Knowing what gear to buy in a digital music setup and what not to buy
  • How to focus on creating music rather than spending too much time on the technicalities
  • Using your DAWs efficiently (eg. Garageband, Logic Pro, Sonar)
  • Using VSTs vs native sounds – what VSTs to avoid or to buy
  • Digital music scoring  – made easy
  • Vocal Recording basics
  • Putting it Altogether – creating your first song
  • Musician  and the Technician in digital music production

Many people find it difficult to understand the complex setups when it comes to using computers to make music. It doesn’t help that some software makers also make it difficult for musicians to understand how to navigate the complex menus and sub-menus. We just want to make music! Not weave through hundreds of pages of manual just to do a simple thing!

Don’t let the technical part put you off, – we are, after all, primarily here to make music, not to keep fiddling with knobs and wires endlessly!

If you are interested to find out how you can discover and learn more in the area of music technology, music production using computers, we are here to help. Contact us to find out more.


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