Vocal Training

If you want to learn how to sing but struggle with the high notes, or feel that your voice is very ‘thin’ sounding, or you tend to run out of breath when you sing, this vocal training progamme will be suitable for you.  A systematic approach is provided to help you develop good fundamentals in vocals, singing better without straining your vocal cords, increasing your vocal range, developing more complex vocal timbres to suit different styles of singing and developing a good stage resonance.

The module covers:

-Different diaphragmatic breathing techniques and improving your pitching in wider intervals
-Your speaking voice and the singing voice
-Laryngeal positioning and styles of singing
-Establishing vocal range and how to increase your vocal range systematically
-When should you transit from chest to head voice and beyond
-How to power up your stage presence
-Lyrics, pronunciation, accents, vocal phrasing
-Singing styles and your personality. Does it matter?

We will also look at how singing styles differ for different genres and the techniques behind it. For intermediate to advanced singers, there will also be ‘live’ singing opportunities to authenticate what you have learnt in class into the real-world.

“Your patience, encouragement and great advice has pushed me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to improve and try things that are beyond my comfort zone, looking forward to more lessons. Thanks”    Sharon.

“I started lessons about 2 months ago and I couldn’t carry a tune very well and have a poor foundation in singing. Eric has been very patient and welcoming. He always puts me at ease during class (I get really nervous singing in front of people!). I’ve already received some compliments from my choir master and members and am a lot more confident now! I look forward to becoming a stronger singer with his excellent teaching!!! Thanks!”  Amanda.


Learn to sing better