Graded Classical Piano

Welcome to the wonderful world of classical piano.

Here you will discover the rich heritage and history of learning from the classical greats such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin.

Classical piano

is generally divided into the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Modern era and each has its own distinctive musical characteristics. At Northwood, we will teach you to appreciate, understand and have the equal opportunity to play all the four classical eras.

What should one expect from learning classical piano?

Classical piano requires the student to be industrious and exacting in developing the fundamental disciplines of notation, technical work, articulation, dynamics and so on. Students who thrive in classical music must appreciate the learning and mastery of these disciplines to in order to develop good technique and interpretation.

How soon should my child go into taking the exams?

If a child is rushed into taking the piano exams without developing good fundamentals, he will not benefit from truly appreciating and mastering music in the long term. At best, he is adept at memorising the set exam pieces and performing them for the exams, nothing really more. It is much wiser to allow the child to develop solid foundations and fan the flame from within rather than rush to take the grades.

Should my child take classical or modern piano?

Every child is different. Some are more ‘classically’ oriented, others more ‘modern’. It is best to allow the child to build on the fundamentals first and we will be able to assess his temperament and progress along the way, and then make the decision together with the child and the parent. The final decision must be based foremost, based on the child’s innate personality, interest and capabilities.

Multiple Curriculum Choices

At Northwood, we strongly believe that every child is different in terms of their abilities, talents and personalities. A music examination board might be suitable for one child but may not be suitable for another, which is why we simultaneously offer multiple music examination tracks – the student can then best choose which board is most suitable for him or her. It is like taking the ‘A’ levels, IB, NUS High School Diploma and so on. The way forward is multiple tracks of excellence for different students.


Baroque Era Piano Sample:


Classical Era Piano Sample:


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