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Scoring for Film Music (or any other music)

Scoring for Film Music (or any other kind of music) is hard work!. The behind-the-scenes work that includes a sound knowledge of how different instruments work in relation to each other, technical aspects such as working with DAWs, VSTs, knowledge of audio engineering, mixing, mastering, etc. all will come into play. Most of all, if you want to be good at scoring, start with listening!

How to overcome performance anxiety?

A lot of piano students have performance anxiety. This is natural because we all want to do well and we don't want to lose 'face'. However, in order to train our nerves, the only way out is not to read a book on overcoming anxiety, but to perform in front of others. We just have to think small first, but build it deep. This way, we will grow with good foundations.

Improvisation in music lessons

Why should we learn music improvisation? The benefits of music improvisation is tremendous in helping you to be creative and not be stuck in the same mould where you merely play note-for-note, week in week out. Improvisation helps you hear different possibilities in music!

What we offer

Our Northwood Modern Piano Method combines the best in traditional music notation with our latest improvisational and creative concepts that truly enable you to develop authentic musicianship.

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